Flooring Materials – Types and their Advantages

What is a flooring material? Floor is the leveled surface that supports all the furniture and occupants of the structure/building. A flooring material is usually applied on top of the floor to provide an aesthetic look and a firm walking surface. What are the different types of flooring materials? There are various types of flooring […]

Best Paint Buying Guide

What is a paint? Paint is a coating applied to a wall/door surface in the form of a liquid dispersion, which then forms a solid film upon hardening. Paint is usually used for the purpose of final finishing of surfaces in order to make them appear colorful, and for protection from moisture and termites. What […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Manufactured Sand (M-Sand)

What is M-Sand? Sand is one of the important ingredients in making concrete mortar. The exploitation of river sand from the river beds by large growing construction activities has resulted in the exploration of a substitute material for river sand i.e. Manufactured Sand or M-Sand. M Sand is an eco-friendly and affordable alternative to river […]

6 Differences between OPC and PPC Cement (OPC vs PPC)

What are OPC and PPC? Cement is the most important material used in constructions as it binds the rest of the building materials together and ensures strength and durability of the structure. There are two main types of cement available, and choosing the right type of cement determines the quality of the construction. There has […]

Buying Guide for TMT Steel Bars

TMT Steel Bars Buying Guide One of the major components used in construction is TMT steel bar that holds the concrete blocks together providing strength and maintaining the structure of the construction. The term TMT stands for Thermo Mechanical Treatment, a metallurgical process that merges thermal processes with mechanical deformation of steel. The TMT process […]

8 Tips for buying Cement

Guide for buying Cement Cement is the most important raw material used in any construction because of its binding property either independently or with other aggregates. Hence, it’s essential to pick the right type and quality of cement for the construction purposes. Before we get to the cement buying guide, it’s important to know that […]

What are the different types of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) used in the construction industry?

Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) is a type of concrete that’s specifically mixed at a central plant and transported to the construction site instead of being mixed at the construction site itself. Every batch of RMC is custom made as per the requirements of the customer. The custom made concrete is then […]

Where do I buy Building Materials online?

One of the most important decisions people have to take when building their home, or any construction for that matter, is buying all the building materials required from the right place. There are a few online stores that sell building materials, but they neither necessarily have all the building materials you require at their store, […]