Buying Guide for TMT Steel Bars

TMT Steel Bars Buying Guide

One of the major components used in construction is TMT steel bar that holds the concrete blocks together providing strength and maintaining the structure of the construction. The term TMT stands for Thermo Mechanical Treatment, a metallurgical process that merges thermal processes with mechanical deformation of steel. The TMT process helps steel rods in achieving strength and ductility, thus making them stronger than Mild Steel bars and HYSD bars.

TMT bars are usually used in constructions for enhanced protection against earthquakes and other natural disasters.

What are the different types of TMT steel bars?

There are different types of grades available in TMT steel bars, where grade implies the number of stress level used to deform it. The most commonly used grades in India are Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550 and Fe-600. The higher the grade of the TMT bar, the stronger and more rigid it is.

(1) Fe-415:

This grade is typically used in construction of houses because of its higher uniform elongation which makes them the perfect choice for construction in areas prone to earthquakes. This grade bars can be made resistant to corrosion and rust as well by applying anti-resistant coating.

(2) Fe-500:

This grade is widely known for its versatile usage because of which these bars are used in construction of bridges, huge commercial structures and underground structures. Due to their anti-corrosion property, these bars are the preferred choice in constructions in coastal areas.

(3) Fe-550:

This grade has similar properties as Fe-500, but is slightly better than Fe-500 because of its higher yield strength and tensile strength compared to Fe-500.

(4) Fe-600:

This grade is usually used in structures which require strength and toughness because of its high tensile strength. Fe-600 TMT bars can be fabricated in less time thus helping in the cutting the whole project duration down as well. It also leads to optimum usage of resources by reducing the costs and time.

What are the uses and applications of TMT steel bars?

Higher grade TMT bars are typically used in the core of the building, such as floors and roofs. Lower grade bars are used in balcony railings and decorative structures. For instance, Fe-600 bars are usually used for industrial purposes, whereas Fe-415 in house constructions. Fe-500 and Fe-550 are versatile enough to be used in construction of bridges and underground structures.

What are the Indian Standard specifications for TMT steel bars?

TMT steel bars are manufactured in different diameters like 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, and 36mm.

8mm-10mm size bars are used in slabs and staircases

12mm-25mm size bars are used in beams and columns to make them withstand external loads.

32mm-36mm size bars are used in the construction of complex structures like dams, bridges etc.

All the manufactured TMT steel bars have to meet Indian Standard specifications as per IS: 1786.


Mechanical Property Fe-415 Fe-500 Fe-550 Fe-600
Yield Strength (MPa) 415 500 550 600
Tensile Strength (MPa) 519 545 585 600
Elongation 20% 12% 10% 10%

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What are the top and best brands for TMT steel bars?

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How to choose the best TMT steel bars?

TMT steel bars should be made sure they meet a certain quality limit before buying them. Some of the important criteria for checking the quality of TMT steel bars are:

(i) Grade of the TMT bars:

The higher the grade of the TMT bar, the stronger and more rigid it is. Depending on the requirements of the construction project, right grade bars should be used.

(ii) Resistance to corrosion:

More often than not, TMT bars will be prone to contact with moisture during construction. The bars won’t last long if they are not resistant to corrosion; hence, it’s strongly recommended to ensure the bars are resistant to corrosion before buying.

(iii) Flexibility:

It’s important to ensure that the TMT bars are flexible enough to withstand stress for years to come. High quality TMT bars will not develop cracks even when they are bent at an angle of 90 degrees or more.

(iv) Elongation:

Elongation of the TMT bars implicates how ductile they are. The higher this number, the more people can save costs in constructions. In addition to that, the TMT bars will last longer and will be cheaper to transport as well.

(v) Naked eye test:

It’s highly recommended to make sure that every meter of the TMT bar has its manufacturer’s logo and seal. The bars should also be checked for any rust and whether ends of each bundle of the bars are of equal length.


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